How to choose your spa-like shower features

I recently came back from a stay at the Borgata Hotel in NJ, and their shower experience was amazing. They housed the Hansgrohe Axor line and I even overheard other guests on the elevator raving about it, "the shower is the best part of this whole trip!". Here's what to consider when choosing fixtures for your own spa-like experience at home.

  1. Choose the valve. There are two different types of valves to choose from--a pressure valve or a thermostatic valve. The thermostatic valve gives the added feature of allowing one to set the waters to a desired temperature, consistent throughout the shower.
  2. Choose shower head. Do you want a shower head on a shower arm? Would you like a hand shower added to it? Would you like a rain shower head in addition to it or instead? This will also determine the type of diverter you will need. 
  3. Choose body sprays. Like the rain shower head or hand showers, body sprays are optional and will also determine the type of diverter you will need in your shower.
  4. Choose your fixture finishing. This will reflect shiny polished chrome look, satin chrome look, oil rubbed bronze look, whatever will match the other fixtures and tiles the best in your bathroom.
  5. How about a shower seat/bench? Do you have enough room for this feature? Is it something you would utilize? If you do decide to include a shower seat, it would be nice to pick a matching stone from your vanity top.

A spa-like shower is truly one luxury that will make a daily difference in your life!

Disclaimer: The strength of the shower water pressure differs and varies on each different hotel or home residence, depending on the strength of the plumbing.